An under construction icon from the 90s would really be the most appropriate thing here.

Hoping to finish up my backlog of posts about my finished projects in the near future, lot’s of work to get done for now though!

Coursera Projects

  • National Parks Roadtrip (Shiny app): I created a shiny app that will let users input their trip preferences then plots the trip and give info about the parks.

  • Machine Learning: For the machine learning class, I used data from accelerometers on a belt, forearm, arm, and dumbbell to predict which of five different ways they were lifting.

  • Regression Models: For the regression models class, I used the 1974 Motor Trend data set to build a regression model to see wether cars with a manual or automatic transmission get better gas millage.

  • Storm Events Impact: For the reproducible research class I used the NOAA storm data to explore the impact of storm events since 1996.